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Fee Structure

  • At the time of admission, the student is required to pay the Registration Fee, Admission Fee & Partly Course fee as finalized by the Institute.
  • The rest amount to be paid within the time period stipulated by the admissions department.
  • The day scholar students who have opted for transportation have to pay the Transportation Fee Rs. 10,000/- or as prescribed from time to time. Increased costs due to fuel price hikes will be recovered from students as and when such increases occur.
  • Students can pay the fees as per following options. 
    Option 1: Payment of fee in full at one stretch.
    Option 2: Payment of Annual fee in 2 installments.
  • Fees can be paid by DD/cheque in favoring respective colleges, payable at Bhubaneswar.
  • All fees are payable in INR Only. Payments made in other acceptable currencies (USD, GBP or Euro) will be converted to INR at rates prevailing on the day of deposit of fees. Shortfall due to currency fluctuation will be recovered from the student.
  • The students who have opted for hostel have to pay the Hostel Fee Rs. 40,000/- or as prescribed from time to time.

Late Fee

Students whose fees remain unpaid in full/part will not be allowed to sit for the examination. Until the outstanding fees are received, no internal examination results, reports, Transfer Certificates or recommendations to future schools/ colleges will be issued to the student or parent.
If the fee is not paid even after 3 fortnightly reminders, the student's name shall be struck off from the institute records. For balance amounts, if any, the school shall resort to legal recourse.


Students wishing to withdraw should give at least one semester's notice (Aug-Dec/Jan-June). Fees pertaining to the semester falling in the notice period shall be payable by the student.
Registration Fee, Admission Fee, and Linen cost are Non-Refundable. Admission fee is refundable only if the student withdraws the admission in writing before commencement of classes.